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We are the Corruption In Nigeria..

Monday, May 28th, 2012  

Corruption in its plain terms can be defined as a dishonest exploitation of power for personal gain. It could also mean a state of depravity or immorality.

   For several years, Nigeria has topped the list of corrupt nations in the world with no such position in any positive area, and sadly, the country has continued to deteriorate. Nigeria gained independence from her colonial master, Britain, on 1st October, 1960. As a young person, one who is information-driven, I have gathered that Nigeria, at some point, was a thriving nation with a naira that was almost equal in value to the British pound. The question I constantly ask is, ‘What exactly happened to my beloved nation?’

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Turning Passion into Action …

Friday, May 4th, 2012  


Many a time, the climb on the upward slope of life is driven by passion. This passion must, however, be coupled with what I call the catalyst – ‘action’. Without action, your passion is a sham, but passion coupled with action will bring out the best in you.

According to the Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary (new 8th edition) passion is defined as “a very strong feeling of love and enthusiasm”. It also means “a very strong feeling of liking something; a hobby, an activity etc”. However, you would concur with me that without sufficient knowledge of something, you cannot have a driving passion for it.

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Poverty Stops with Us…

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012  


Some weeks ago, I took a walk through a community about 20 kilometres from my university campus. A partner of a non-profit organisation, ‘Poverty Stops Here’, who works with another international non-profit organisation called ‘Hands at Work’, invited me and some of my colleagues to come along on a visit to the community. It is normal for well-to-do people, the rich, living in the “choice areas” of a poor country like Nigeria, to face the challenge of understanding that they actually live amongst poverty. As we walked past street after street, looking more like waste dump sites, I felt a sense of hopelessness creep over me, not only because of what I was seeing but also because I knew that this community did not even represent the poorest of people in Lagos.

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Another Scramble for Africa?

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012  

The New Mad Scramble as reported by the BBC "Slavery and the 'Scramble for Africa'" by Dr Saul ...

As you probably already know, Africa is the richest and the most beautiful continent known to man. Very few natural resources are sought globally today that cannot be found within the shores of at least one African nation; those that can’t, seem to be of little consequence to global markets. The burden of beauty that the continent bears is reflected throughout the annals of her history- be it the era of the slave trade, the scramble for Africa, or her forced involvement in the First and Second World Wars. History was indeed cruel to Africa; historians saw what would be considered today as the unethical division of Africa by her then European colonial masters as “The White Man’s Burden”, as opposed to the burden of the nations of Africa.

The consciousness of the international community

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