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The Disparity between Reality and the Law: Marital Rape

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013  



It was the first mass of the new year, and the priest had decided to base the sermon on family values in accordance with the life of the

holy family. He preached about various habits of couples that ruined marriages, such as excessive drinking, gambling, adultery, abuse, etc. However, what really caught my attention was a question he addressed to the married couples about whether in their opinion a man could rape his wife. There was silence at first, but there came a resounding ‘yes’ from the congregation. According to these people, the answer was ‘yes’. It was indeed possible for a man to rape his wife. However, as a law student, I knew better. According to our laws, the answer should definitely not have been yes! Actually, it should have been a resounding ’no’.

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Seven Questions …

Monday, April 9th, 2012  

Writer, Author of “the way of the Africans”, and Professor of African Regional Affairs, Edward Guillotine, talks on African youths, regional growth, African unity and leadership

Q:You lecture at the Foremost University on African Regional Affairs. What is the experience like?

A: Well, after finishing my doctorate in African Relations, and writing a couple of theses on and around the same topic, it follows very much that I should specialize in this area of life in my lectures. Lecturing my students on African Regional Affairs has been a joy, and I have helped open many future entrepreneurs to the dangers that exist in investing in a volatile Africa, as against stable American and European countries.

Q: Your last reply and many of your articles seem to tilt almost on the verge of racism. What will be your reply to the talk that you are racist?

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