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Litter The Law

Monday, August 13th, 2012  

I am very passionate about the environment, more importantly the environment where I reside: Nigeria. And there is something that always speaks to me: litter. I see it everywhere and it begs me to pick it up…on the streets, just beside a trash can, on the road, in the gutters….everywhere!  Nigeria is filled with litter! But what can we do about it? The government is already overburdened with problems of security, education, employment and others with such magnitude of importance, and to add that, the burden of the environment might even seem cruel or harsh, not to mention the issue of opening the floodgates of the court. Therefore the constitution has made the rights to the security of the environment non-justiciable according to Section 20 of the 1999 Constitution.

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Poverty Stops with Us…

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012  


Some weeks ago, I took a walk through a community about 20 kilometres from my university campus. A partner of a non-profit organisation, ‘Poverty Stops Here’, who works with another international non-profit organisation called ‘Hands at Work’, invited me and some of my colleagues to come along on a visit to the community. It is normal for well-to-do people, the rich, living in the “choice areas” of a poor country like Nigeria, to face the challenge of understanding that they actually live amongst poverty. As we walked past street after street, looking more like waste dump sites, I felt a sense of hopelessness creep over me, not only because of what I was seeing but also because I knew that this community did not even represent the poorest of people in Lagos.

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