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“Give Us Our Corpse”-The Legal Ownership of Corpses.

Thursday, September 20th, 2012  

It all started with the much criticised University of Lagos (UNILAG) name change, and the fact that I had to keep away from school (on

What is in a name?

mum’s instruction). I considered it embarrassing for me to be tongue- tied if anyone asked me about the situation of things in my school, so I vowed to buy a newspaper once every two days ( because I knew I couldn’t win the battle as to whether to listen to the news on the TV or watch a soap opera). I did this religiously for the first two weeks, after which I discovered that the stories were all the same, the only difference each day being the character and/or location.

 After catching up on the news on UNILAG, I usually just dropped the paper in my bag, and waited for the perfect time to turn the rest of the pages looking for a captivating story. In the National Mirror of Wednesday, May 30, a caption on page 50 on the column for Community Mirror particularly caught my attention; it read: “Family accuses hospital of stealing corpse”. The story was about the claim of a family that when they requested for the body of their late sister/ wife, the morticians presented a corpse which did not have any semblance with that of the deceased. The matter was reported to the police who promised to investigate, but the family insisted that no way would they rest until they got the body of their late relative.

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